Individualized and Personalized Instruction in the Math Class

My journey with teaching math starts with my own experience as a math student.  Early in my school career, many years ago, I was told it’s okay that I wasn’t good at math.  I was told that I was good at reading and would be fine.  I developed “math anxiety” at a very young age and carried it with me as part of my makeup for many years.  I then had an amazing economics teacher in high school who sparked my interest in the economy and finance.  As I was looking at colleges, I decided it would be a good idea to major in economics.  Again, I was told, “You’re not good at math.  This will be a difficult major for you.”  I ignored the advice and went ahead with my choice of major.  I realized a couple of things.  One, I’m good at math.  Actually, anyone can be if given the right tools and pathways to learning.  I also realized that a key to my exploring my relationship with math was based on my strong interest in economics – relating math to the real-world made sense!  I worked in finance for many years as a portfolio manager with my Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  This was a wonderful career, but I found my true love in teaching, especially in teaching math.  As a math teacher, I can relate to the kiddos who come in to math with dread, confusion, and are self-defeated before they start.  My goal was to make math understandable, meaningful, and most importantly personal for my students.  This journey has brought me to helping students to identify their learning goals, progressions, and pathways to becoming accomplished math students.  The fact that math can be an individual learning path for each student has helped my students to own their learning, seek help, and enrichment when needed.  Attached is a Microsoft Power Point from a presentation I did on this concept, along with resources to use.

Personalized and Individualized Construction in the Elementary Math

Unit 4 – Big Idea SR.U4_Self_Assessment Tracking Sheet My Steps to Success (Criteria) – Lesson Four Rules MATH BY MYSELF